“Blues and greens, an ocean in the sky. Purples and pinks flutter O’so high. This is the beautiful Aurora, that shines in the sky only a few lucky nights. She dances and swirls, beckoning the stars to join in.” – Angelic Warrior


Have you seen dancing waves of purple lights in the sky? The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) reminds us of how much there is to live for and dream of. Featuring our very own creation, the Borealis Dream Bloom Jar, showcasing one of nature's wonders all in one jar.


Made entirely out of preserved flowers, this jar is a perfect display on dining/ living tables/ in study rooms! Let these beautiful colours bring some light and fluttering hearts among your loved ones this Valentine's Day.


This jar comes in one size only: 23-25cm ht, 8cm width of jar (bottom), 28-32cm width of flower (top)

Borealis Dream Bloom Jar

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