Not sure what to gift this Valentine's day / special occasion to a loved one? Adapted from our popular Champagne Infinity Bridal Bouquet, this beautiful garden-blush themed jar with tinges of green and gold foliages is bound to spark some love in your hearts!


Our Champagne Bloom Jar comes in small, medium, large and XL sizes! These blooms last forever and do not need much maintenance! 


Please note that this jar comes originally with roses. Please indicate in Add-On notes if you'd like to customise your jar otherwise.


Approx Dimensions for Bloom Jars:

Small jar: 18-20cm ht, 8cm width of jar (bottom), 18-22cm width of flower (top)

Medium jar: 20-22cm ht, 8cm width of jar (bottom), 23-26cm width of flower (top)

Large jar: 36-38cm ht, 8cm width of jar (bottom), 36-38 width of flower (top)

X-Large jar: 36-42cm ht, 10cm width of jar (bottom), 38-43 width of flower (top)


Please take note of the following quantity of main flowers for each size:

Small: 2 roses and 1 hydrangea

Medium: 2 roses and 2 hydrangea

Large: 3 roses and 3 hydrangeas

XL: 5 roses and 3 hydrangeas

Champagne Bloom Jar (Various sizes)