Here's one of our biggest bridal bouquet in the Infinity Series, consisting of the beautiful and fluffy pampas flowers and palm leaf. This bouquet is bound to make your wedding photos POP!


Photo shows an XL size. Opt for this design in small, medium, large or XL sizes too!


See following size chart:


Size of bridal bouquets: 

Small size bridal bouquet

- 30-33cm height,

- 25- 29cm width (top flowers), 

- 6-8cm width (bottom handle)


Medium size bridal bouquet

- 30-33cm height, 

- 30-35 cm width (top flowers), 

- 8-10cm width (bottom handle).


Large size bridal bouquet

  • 45cm - 50cm height 
  • 45cm - 50cm width (top flowers, leaf to leaf) 
  • 8-10cm width (bottom handle)


XL size bouquet

- 48cm - 52cm height 

- 48cm - 52cm width (top flowers, leaf to leaf) 

- 8-12cm width (bottom handle)


Round bridal bouquet

  • 30-33cm height, 
  • 28-30cm width (top flowers)
  • and 8-10cm width (bottom handle)


Ellipse Infinity Bouquet (Various Sizes)