Dreaming of a white wedding? Here's featuring our all-white and pure Evanescent Infinity Bridal Bouquet that will add an extra touch to your big day! We love the rustic details, fluffy white pampas and green preserved eucalyptus leaves! 


Grab this beautiful design for your next wedding shoot and you won't regret it!


Photo shows an XL size. Also available in small, medium, large and XL sizes! 


See following size chart for sizes:


Size of bridal bouquets: 

Small size bridal bouquet 

- 30-33cm height,

- 25- 29cm width (top flowers), 

- 6-8cm width (bottom handle)


Medium size bridal bouquet

- 30-33cm height, 

- 30-35 cm width (top flowers), 

- 8-10cm width (bottom handle).


Large size bridal bouquet

  • 45cm - 50cm height 
  • 45cm - 50cm width (top flowers, leaf to leaf) 
  • 8-10cm width (bottom handle)


XL size bouquet

- 48cm - 52cm height 

- 48cm - 52cm width (top flowers, leaf to leaf) 

- 8-12cm width (bottom handle)

Round bridal bouquet

  • 30-33cm height, 
  • 28-30cm width (top flowers), 
  • and 8-10cm width (bottom handle).




Evanescent Infinity Bouquet (Various sizes)