Can't bear to throw away your bridal/ pre-wedding shoot bouquet? Here's a perfect solution! Opt for preserved bridal bouquets that can last up to a year depending on care condition. Here's a beautiful large preserved bouquet in red and dusty pink, a lovely combination to match that gorgeous gown for that special day!


Main photo shows an XL size. Opt for small ($90), medium ($110), large ($145) or XL ($175) sizes!


See following size chart:


Size of bridal bouquets: 

Small size bridal bouquet

- 30-33cm height,

- 25- 29cm width (top flowers), 

- 6-8cm width (bottom handle)


Medium size bridal bouquet

- 30-33cm height, 

- 30-35 cm width (top flowers), 

- 8-10cm width (bottom handle).


Large size bridal bouquet

  • 45cm - 50cm height 
  • 45cm - 50cm width (top flowers, leaf to leaf) 
  • 8-10cm width (bottom handle)


XL size bouquet

- 48cm - 52cm height 

- 48cm - 52cm width (top flowers, leaf to leaf) 

- 8-12cm width (bottom handle)


Round bridal bouquet

  • 30-33cm height, 
  • 28-30cm width (top flowers), 
  • and 8-10cm width (bottom handle).

Vastitude Infinity Bouquet (Various Sizes)