"A mother’s arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them." - Victor Hugo


Indeed, what replaces a mother's pure and tender love for their children? Express your gratitude to our mums with our Tenderness Bloom Jar Special Edition. This lovely jar arrangement comes with a choice of 2 colours: Peach and Lilac Purple.


- The lilac purple-coloured jar comes with the lovely lilac purple rose, deep purple carnation and peach coloured hydrangeas to represent the pure, sweet and deep love of our mums!


- The peach-coloured jar comes with the lovely peach rose, white carnation and deep purple coloured hydrangeas to represent the sincere, tender and sacrificial love of our mums!


Only two sizes available: 


Small jar ($35): 18-20cm ht, 8cm width of jar (bottom), 18-22cm width of flower (top)

Medium jar ($50): 20-22cm ht, 8cm width of jar (bottom), 23-26cm width of flower (top)

Tenderness Bloom Jar

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