Sick of throwing away withered flowers? Here is our sweet Viola Bloom Jar, comes in small, medium, large and XL sizes! These blooms last forever and do not need much maintenance! Let us know your preference and we'll be glad to assist you. These exclusive designs only have 1 or 2 in stock, grab them while stocks last!


Swap out your cotton flowers for preserved roses at only $5 additional per rose.


Approx Dimensions for Bloom Jars:

Small jar ($25): 18-20cm ht, 8cm width of jar (bottom), 16-18cm width of flower (top)
Medium jar ($40): 20-22cm ht, 8cm width of jar (bottom), 18-20cm width of flower (top) 
Large jar ($60): 26-28cm ht, 8cm width of jar (bottom), 24-26 width of flower (top)
X-Large jar ($75): 30-33cm ht, 10cm width of jar (bottom), 28-30cm width of flower (top)

Viola Bloom Jar (Various Sizes)